National Housekeeping Week – What Will Your Hotel Do to Recognize Your Housekeeping Staff?

How will your lodging help National Housekeeping Week this year?

In the event that you didn’t perceive your Housekeeping Staff this year, disgrace on you. Start arranging now for one year from now. hire a housekeeper

Our inn really celebrated, and I should say that I’m extremely glad. Every day we had occasions in the assembly hall. The servants cherished it. We gave out decorations to the people who won…..1st, second and third spot. We even gave out some monetary rewards.

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On Thursday we had an all worker outing. We had heavenly food, that was served to us Banquet Style, cups of shaved ice, a b-ball net….so much. It was magnificent. Furthermore, for the sake of entertainment we leased a dunking tank for the entirety of the Manager’s to go in.

The staff paid $1 per ball to radiate it at the objective to dunk their Manager. Indeed, even the General Manager got in it. We gathered $300.00 which we gave to a nearby kids’ foundation. It was truly fun.

On Friday they were given a water bottle with our logo on it and the last rivalries finished in the assembly hall. They truly loved it.

The Housekeeping Staff grinned, chuckled and made some extraordinary memories. It was genuinely holding. Furthermore, we barely had any consider outs that entire week.

It’s been over since this past Friday. People are as yet gloating about the decorations.

I think we bargained whatever we required. We didn’t actually need to pay out except for our food cost and some tip for the laborers ( 2 of them). The most we required was our time. What’s more, that cost nothing.

Building spirit, collaboration and trust….this will be your award for taking a break to praise a National Event.

So for one years from now National Housekeeping Week, recognize your Housekeeping Staff. Consider the big picture. This is hard work that we absolutely don’t have any desire to do. Furthermore, for typically minimal measure of pay. They merit a little consideration.

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